APB Museum voor Edelsmeedkunst, Juwelen en Diamant


Gert Voorjans, Carla Janssen Höfelt

Surface m2

1500 m2



DIVA - House of Diamond

Antwerp is known as home of the diamond. After he closure of the provincial diamond museum and the silver museum, the Province of Antwerp, the city of Antwerp, Tourism Flanders and the Antwerp diamond sector worked together on a new concept to present the diamont in a modern way. On Friday, May 4, 2018, they proudly presented the end result: DIVA, a museum and experience center for diamonds, jewelery and goldsmith’s work.

The new museum aims at approx. 200,000 visitors per year, from home and abroad. DIVA brings a combination of authentic objects, scientific research, historical context with relaxing stories, compelling emotions and impressive staging. DIVA houses an impressive collection of about 600 objects. She tells the long history of the diamond in Antwerp, supported by touchscreens, soundscapes and interactivity. The story comes to life in six rooms that each tell a different story. DIVA, a Brilliant Story explains the exotic nature of luxury items in the Wonder Room, about it craftsmanship of diamond and goldsmith’s work in the Atelier, about Antwerp as it world center of the Diamond Trade in the International Chamber of Commerce, the place of luxury objects in everyday life in the Dining Room, the issue of ethics and authenticity in the diamond sector in the Safe Room, and the world of DIVA in the Boudoir.

Bruns has been appointed as multi-year main contractor (minimum of 4 years) for the total realization of DIVA’s permanent collection presentation. As an integral partner, Bruns has the responsibility for the elaboration of various partial assignments that meet DIVA standards in the field of the most modern museal expectations, ease of use, security, reliability and continuity.

The assignment included:
• Guidance of further development of scenography permanent collection presentation
• Development and realization of scenography permanent collection presentation
• Integration of hardware in exhibition elements
• Development of multimedia applications (development scenario of software)
• Content development of graphic and cinematic material
• Realization of an interactive DIVA tour
• Development and realization showcases including installation, lighting, object support, climate control
  and security
• Museum lighting in the permanent collection presentation
• Signalisation in the permanent collection presentation
• Coordination of the various partial assignments to correctly coordinate all partial assignments

Photography: Dave Thompson