Bailleul Ontwerpbureau


Bailleul Ontwerpbureau

Surface m2

750 m2



Visitor Center Colony 5-7

Young and old are immersed in the history and future of this potential UNESCO World Heritage. In the early 19th century, General Johannes van den Bosch founded seven colonies of charity. In the new and interactive visitor center ‘Colony 5-7’ comes this unique story of poverty alleviation and the utopian Experiment again to life.

With the support of Tourism Flanders, Kempens Landschap developed an Interactive, dynamic and multilingual visitor center. On the basis of Chronological and interactive arrangements. Visitors are included in the story of the colonies, their origin and further development. They are immersed in the personal walks, the cultural and natural wealth of the areas. This makes the visitors curious about discovering themselves in the area.

Bruns was commissioned by design agency Bailleul to assume responsibility for the realization of the new visitor center. The assignment belonged to it all Interior work, exhibits, graphics / signaling, AV hardware and various decorations.