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At the moment we are building and testing a brand new exhibition for We The Curious.

An educational charity and interactive science centre which bring together people and ideas. From Bristol, they manage welcoming spaces and create inclusive experience which fire the curiosity. This means that they bring together science, art, technology, culture and innovation to create positive social change for the community and environment.

Project What If will be the first major science centre exhibition in the UK inspired entirely by the curiosity of a city’s residents. This project is inspired by 10,000 questions collected from every postcode in Bristol. A new exhibition which places people at the heart of science. Starting with the real question people ask themselves and using as a springboard to delve into the real world of science which is creative, collaborative and inspiring, and has never been more important.

The new space will aim to open up science, with an area devoted to taking part in scientific research as it happens on the exhibition floor, and a ‘theatre of curiosity’, where visitors’ questions are explored live, in new and unexpected ways.

Despite the COVID pandemic, we are working hard to realize What If. Sometimes this requires working in completely new ways. But as curious as we are, we like to discover new creative manners to work. Together with design agency Kossmann.dejong, the We The Curious team and light specialist Ata Tech we build and installed as scheduled, ready for opening to the public in November. 


News article:
-  https://www.bristol247.com/news-and-features/news/we-the-curious-to-reopen-in-november-with-groundbreaking-new-exhibition/?fbclid=IwAR2oa-yA8pK6R_qFfyLvD3Rjc6V-aizX9229oQcEy4cg1iQDyPxMt-_2g8Y


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